Who me?


Alright, this is kind of a vent post, so if you don’t care about my problems, then ignore this.

I’m fifteen years old. However, I feel I have the maturity of somebody older. I can and often do hold intelligent conversations with adults and I have a higher intelligence than most people my age….

I have had similiar problems all my life from having to define every word i use to people who only hang out with me because they think im lonely (i’m actually an introvert and prefer sitting alone) and i happen to be the only one at my high school like myself and i know your pain. Sadly the only advice i can give you is too let the people who think you need company that you appreciate the thought but you prefer the company of yourself (or if you like to have them around you can leave them) and im afraid the only advice i can give you about kids not understanding some words you use is too simply dumb down your sentences before you even say them. Sorry if my advice kinda sucks but i feel your pain P.S. dont stop reading! Some kids in my school stopped because they were peer pressured into thinking it was stupid. I feel like im one of the last ones who reads… -sincerely another lonely 15 year old highschooler
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